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Name:            Nicolás Zea Posada.

Profession:     Reporter, Cameraman, Photographer, Electronic and

                       Computer Technician.

Experience:   Twenty five years working as technician in movies and


E-mail:           zeafoto@yahoo.esfotozea@hotmail.com

Phone:            (46) 72-223 41 71 (Mobile in Sweden)

Web-Site:       www.zeafoto.org

Web-Blogs:    http://fotozea.blogspot.com

Languages:      Spanish; English; Swedish.


Member of the Asociación de Cinematografistas Colombianos

(The Colombian Filmmakers Association) ACCO-1987.




I worked in Audiocine (http://www.audiocine.com/) for Oscar Robledo as an Electronic Technician. There I have receiving training to repair and give maintenance to the cinematographer’s equipment by the Bell and Howell Company; after it, I started to work as a general assistant in film productions as electrician, lighting, camera assistant and focus puller, etc. In approximately 500 TV-commercials productions in 35mm film format in productions of Gustavo Moris, Jorge Eduardo Botero, Gustavo Barrera, Gustavo Umaña, Mario Mitrotti, Nelson Ramiréz, Mario Cajiao, Naún Spoliansky, Sergio Cabrera, Fernando Riaño, Jaime Osorio, Guillermo Calle, Luis Alfredo Sánchez, Teresa Saldarriaga, Clara Riascos, Sara Bright, Peter Goodhew, Tillman Rommer, Jorge Ruiz, Carlos Lersundy, etc. I want to emphasize for example "Cafe Saimaza" for Spain where I worked as a lighting assistant for Mr. Ray Evans (Member of the crew as classical movies as “To be or not to be” in B&W and for Alfred Hitchcock’s productions, etc.). In 5 Middle-length Movies, and in 6 Movies, and in so many documentals where I developed as a Cameraman and Photography Director.


Still photographer for different types of commercial jobs as advertising, press agency, etc. I also worked during the Colombian presidential election campaigns for candidates as Alvaro Gómez and Carlos Pizarro.


Also I have worked as microphone's technician for television series "Amar y Vivir" directed by Carlos Duplat  and "Jeremias mujeres mias" directed by Julio Cesar Luna.



A time to die: Directed by Jorge Ali Triana, screen play by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Cinematographer by Mario Garcia Joya (Photographer Director of: Fresa y Chocolate, Alias la Gringa, etc.) Colombo-Cuban Productions (Focine-Icai). In this film I worked as a lighting assistant.

http://www.proimagenescolombia.com/secciones/cine_colombiano/peliculas_colombianas/pelicula_plantilla.php?id_pelicula=176 In English: http://mubi.com/films/a-time-to-die


Tropical snow: Directed by Ciro Duran, Performance by David Carradine and Madelene Stowe. Cinematographer by Eduardo Serra (P.D. of: “What dreams may come”, “Blood Diamond”, etc.) Sound designer: Gregory Valtierra. My position was as a Mic Operator. Paramount Picture Productions (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098521/).


The boy and the Pope: Directed by Rodrigo Castaño. My position: First Camera assistant, second cameraman and Focus Puller during the visit of the Pope Juan Pablo II to Colombia for Jorge Cifuentes (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0228644/).


The awakening of the warrior: Directed by Jaime Diaz, Cinematographer by Herminio Barrera. Colombo-American Productions. My position: Photography Direction assistant and Focus Puller (http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herminio_Barrera).


Mondo osseso: Directed by Gabriel Crisanti, Cinematographer by Herminio Barrera, an Italian Production. My Position: Photography Direction assistant and Focus Puller.



Nostromo: (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115296/) Directed by Alastair Reid. Filming the Submarine sequences for Peter Creutzberg (http://www.cinema.nl/radio-cinema/media/4973142/peter-creutzberg) Head of Production Mario Di Biase, United Kingdom Productions. My Position: Underwater Camera assistant and Focus Puller).




Photography Director of "Zoociedad" of Jaime Garzón, "La Matraca" of Ali Humar, humorist TV shows; Cameraman and Photography Director of "Victor Schmith”, "The Vulcan Inheritors”, "Alvaro Mutis" and the TV space "Free Time", winners of the “Simon Bolivar Prize” to the best Cultural Journalism Programs in 1992. I worked for Colciencias, Colcultura, the Colon Theater and the Philharmonic Orchestra in Santa Fe de Bogota, between 1987 and 1989.




Ecopetrol, Shell, Exxon, Triton, British Petroleum, Carbocol, Siemens, Eternit, Herragro, Profamilia, Mobil, Bayer, Cofre, Commerce Chamber of Santa Fe de Bogota, Dadeland Mall of Miami, Renault, Surgir, International Red Cross, ISA, ISAGEN, EEPP, Etc.




For Euskal Telebista: I worked as the Official Cameraman to the President of The Basque Nation, Lehendakari José Antonio Ardanza, during his visit to Colombia in 1995, I was filming his private and public interviews with the President Ernesto Samper, the Bogota's Mayor Antanas Mockus and the Antioquia's Governor Alvaro Uribe.


For the Spain Television, “tve”: As the official cameraman to the Spain Defense Minister, Mr. Gustavo Suárez Pertierra on his visit to Colombia, and some other reports for the International News, between 1995 and 1996.


For The Associated Press TV: Some reports about the airplane accident of the American Airlines in Cali. The press conference of USA State Secretary Mr. Robert Gelbar in The North American Embassy in Bogotá. Coverage of the summit reunion of Non-Aligned Countries, with the Presence of Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, Boutros Boutros Ghali, Le Duc Anh, Jerry Rawlings, Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari, Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, Ernesto Pérez Balladares, Roberto Robaina, etc. (See video: http://photozea.blogspot.com/2010_09_19_archive.html).


In Miami: The tribute offshore to the pilots of "Brothers to the rescue" shoot down in Cuba. In May 1st the departure of the “Democracy Boat” from Key West to the Cuban limits. The Summit Reunion of the South Command of the United States. The Visit and the Launching of the “New Strategy against illegal drugs” for the President Bill Clinton, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Janet Reno, the General Barry Mc Caffrey, etc.

And many more reports about the Colombian public order.




In New York: I am realized several TV commercials for the Hispanic channels in Betacam Digital and 16 mm Film as “The City College of the New York City”, etc. I am supplied the images and files for the documental “Pablo Escobar, The King of Cocaine” for the TV series "Legends" of Discovery Channel and Learning Channel, for Parco Productions, etc.


In Medellin: Several video-documental in Betacam SP,Digital and SX as "A Save to the Music", "Boys to it well", "Festival international of Art", "The Best Point", inaugural documental of Telé-Medellín, "Video N-4, Project Sigma", for the “U de A” and EEPP, "Where nobody arrives", for the Colombian Red Cross, some chapters for Signal Colombia and the series "The magazines workshop" for the EEPP. Corporative videos as ISA and ISAGEN in 1998, etc.


In Costa Rica: Freelancer for a Control Digital, Alquimia Publicity, Rafael Chinchilla, Bruce Barham, etc. In the production of some TV-commercials in Film and as cameraman for RV-Productions with the Journalist Jenanni Villanueva in some histories for CNN and Olga Behar for Univision and RCN TV. I made some documentals as "Fuprovi" with Alexandra Leiva Icaza, etc. Also I worked as a titled computer technician and installed programs for the Oscar Arias Foundation, Monsignor Sanabria Vocational School and RACSA, etc.


In Sweden: Now I am a freelancer Photographer and a Cameraman in Sweden, and are worked, for example to the Colombian channel television, RCN  with the reports of Clara Elvira Ospina (News Channel Director) about the Nobel Prize 2010 with the services of SVT. For Baluba I worked as freelancer for the TV serial documentary "Dansbana i Täfteå". Also I am enriched with the update course of "Film i Västerbotten" in Luleå for the cameras RED ONE and ARRI Alexa, etc.


I have four different photography exhibitions between November 2010 to March 2011.


Now I am filming "Sounds of Life" and I have finished the "Auroral Tango" as my own documentary film productions of 2012 which has been selected to participate at the Northern Character film festival in Murmansk, Russia.



Like any professional, throughout my life, also I have assumed many roles outside of credits.


                                          Nicolás Zea P.




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